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Dunhill Cigars is well constructed and exceptional cigar brand created in 1982 by Alfred Dunhill Company. It is one of the most respected cigars names in the business being introduced with the initial purpose of competing with Davidoff. Cabinetta is considered the besteslling cigar produced by Dunhill, with medium strength and mixed balanced flavours such as fruits, honey and nuts, or Estupendos, similar to Cabinetta but richer in taste.

Dunhill Altamiras Tubes

Dunhill Altamiras Tubes Cigars (1 Pack of 10 Cigars)

Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 5" x 48
Dunhill Robustos

Dunhill Robustos Cigars (1 Pack of 4 Cigars)

Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 5" x 52
Dunhill Signed Range Toro

Dunhill Signed Range Toro Cigars (1 Pack of 3 Cigars)

Origin: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic
Size: "6" x 50"