Dannemann Cigars Online


Dannemann cigars are avaialble in large variety of sizes and wrappers, considered rich in taste and among the most popular café cigars in the world. Dannemann cigars have been favorites in German-speaking lands since their introduction on the market in early 1873’s. Nowadays, the Dannemann name represents the uncompromising quality which is the base of their success. There are several Dannemann selections, such as the 'Sweets' and some 'Moods' have filters on the tip.

Dannemann Moods Filter

Dannemann Moods Filter Cigarillos (5 Packs of 20 Cigarillos)

Origin: Germany
Size: 2 7/8" x 20
Dannemann Sweets Filter

Dannemann Sweets Filter Cigarillos (5 Packs of 10 Cigarillos)

Origin: Germany
Size: 3 5/8" x 20